Backyard Organic Beds

Backyard Organic Beds


"Let Us Make Your Bed!"


Backyard Organic Beds - Our Garden Projects


Here on this page we have put together a few photos of some of our favorite garden beds and delicious looking organic vegetables. Take a look through our photo gallery and know that you could easily have a garden like one of these right in your own backyard!



Jen started with 2 4x10 beds and an herb bed, Her backyard farm has grown to 8 veggie beds, an asparagus bed, strawberry bed, a double height potato bed and a 2x17' herb bed.
"I always joked that I had a brown thumb, but Rose and Christina made it so easy for me, now I have green thumbs! The gardens have flourished like crazy!"


We love eating fresh organic! Rose maintains our beds so everything flows with ease


Frank said he'd retire with them if they built him a garden....he's getting on in years, so they built him one he wouldn't have to bend over for. He was a little skeptical of a woman building his garden....but the crops have him convinced!!


Not a large yard, but a beautiful sunny pool surround....pretty and functional!


We want to grow organic for our children and show them where their food comes from. to the golf course..we need to keep the critters out! Rose and Gene made it easy and country pretty!


Another small space...passel of kids, and the need to learn "where does my food come from?"


Is there any better way to spend a cool spring or fall evening than sitting around your backyard fire pit with your family and friends. Everything you need to know - design ideas, safety, regulations, and accessories!