Backyard Organic Beds

Backyard Organic Beds


"Let Us Make Your Bed!"


Building a Backyard Raised Bed Garden

Backyard Organic Beds never uses chemically treated wood in the construction of our raised garden beds. Our beds are made with natural hardwood cedar to make sure no chemicals can leach into your delicious organic fruits and veggies!


* All beds are 11" or 22" tall
* Impermeable liners make weeding almost unnecessary
* We only use organic soil and fertilizer
* All plants are spaced to provide optimum harvest
* Only pesticide and GMO free seeds and seedlings are planted in your beds
* Optional Soaker Hose systems and 'plant specific' preset timers
* Compost Bin construction is also available


In addition to building and planting your new backyard raised garden, Backyard Organic Beds will provide you and your family the education needed to maintain your garden yourselves.


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Maintaining your Backyard Raised Garden Beds

Backyard Organic Beds offers maintenance options for your raised beds!

We know how busy life can be! So for optimal raised bed performance let us take care of it for you!


We will provide as little or as much garden maintenance as you want. Packages range from:
* Weekly
* Bi-Weekly
* Monthly
* Or whatever you need


Packages can include:
* Seedling thinning
* Pruning
* Supports for taller plants
* Cages
* Bamboo Teepees
* Trellises
* Phone or in person support for any questions or concerns


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