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Fabulous Stuffed Figs
Fabulous Stuffed Figs


Sweet and Salty Figs...the Living End


12 ripe Figs
1 Sm container of Mascarpone
1/4 lb. Prosciutto sliced thin, and sliced vertically in half
2 tsp. fresh thyme diced
Drizzle Dark Chocolate Balsamic vinegar (olive oil specialty stores..if you can find!!)


Preparation Directions
Preheat oven to 500'. Remove stem and cut an X on the top of figs 1/2-1/3" into center. Put aprox 1/2 tsp. of mascarpone into center of fig. Wrap prosciutto around fig, and place on Pyrex, continue until all are stuffed. Sprinkle with thyme. Put into oven and bake aprox 5 min. till prosciutto starts to crisp and mascarpone starts to melt. Broil a few min to brown top.
Remove, plate and drizzle with Chocolate Balsamic.
Sooooo delish!