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Backyard Organic Beds


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Cauliflower Simmer
Cauliflower Simmer


Vegan Main Dish


1 head of cauliflower, cored but left in tact
1 head of garlic sliced or chopped
1 Zucchini chopped
2-4 Tbls. Olive oil
1 -2 cups cooked beans (I used cannellini beans)
1 jar Spagetti sauce (homemade if possible)
Finish with chopped fresh basil


Preparation Directions
In 8 quart (ish) stock pot sauté garlic and zucchini in oil. Place Cauliflower on top. Cover with sauce. Add S&P . Lid and simmer 45min or so basting frequently... till fork tender. Add beans and simmer till heated through. Finish with Basil and Mangia'!!